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Women and Protection Dogs

personal protection dogs for women from CC Protection Dogs

Many women come to us trying to decide if a Protection Dog is right for them. The truth is that nearly 70% of our clientele are single women and mothers. Knowing this, we ensure that all of our protection dogs undergo training with female handlers in order to make a smoother transition to their future owners. We also ensure that all of our protection dogs are well socialized and good with children. Our dogs are ideal for canine protection because they can be taken anywhere including airports, to the mall, or to public parks. This means that you get true 100% protection no matter where you go.

The dogs we sell here are very special. We do not buy from wholesalers because they do not produce high quality dogs. Only about 1% of the dogs we see are actually good enough to go through our training program. The breeds we use are also very important. German Shepherds are the most common and most popular breed that we train to be protection dogs, while Belgian Malinois are a close second. All of our German Shepherd puppies and Belgian Malinois puppies come from top of the line litters. They are the best of the best.

To conclude: if you feel that you or your children deserve the safety and security of true protection, then a CC Protection Dog is right for you.



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