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The CC Protection Dog Difference

Personal Protection Dogs trained by CC Protection Dogs

CC Protection Dogs has a unique and successful training program that ensures all Personal Protection Dogs meet the standards of the clients. Using the basis of psychology, our trainers first gain trust and respect of the dogs. The initial step of the program is the bonding period. Since we do not use treats, toys or tugs to train, a strong trainer/dog bond is necessary to motivate the dog to want to work and learn.

Bonding Through Positive Reinforcement

The bonding period is a vital part of our program. It does not involve bribes or punishment. Instead, we develop the bond by spending time with each dog, using verbal communication and training exercises such as agility to gain their trust. Positive reinforcement through praise is essential. It is what dogs work for and gives them the confidence to become strong protection dogs. The bonding period can take from days to weeks, but is generally shorter when starting with a dog in the puppy phase. This bond is transferred to our clients upon delivery of the dog, but is something that cannot be rushed.

Establishing Boundaries

Another vital phase of the CC Protection Dogs training program involves setting and maintaining boundaries. We start working with our puppies at 5 weeks of age with the trainer taking the leadership role. The puppy is taught what behaviors are acceptable and those that are not. For example, while acclimatizing a puppy to the home environment, food on a counter may perk his interest. If curiosity takes over and the dog jumps up on the counter, firm but fair direction is given to stop such behavior. Establishing this boundary at the very first opportunity prevents it from happening again and gives the dog a reason to look to his trainer for direction. This example also illustrates why a puppy or new dog should never be left unsupervised and why boundaries should be first established on-lead.

Maintaining The Leadership Role

The most important exercise in establishing and maintaining the leadership role is walking with structure. This includes have the dog heeling to the side, not pulling on the leash, sitting at traffic lights and having their attention focused on you while still being aware and alert to their surroundings. This exercise is critical because dogs are instinctively migrators. In a pack of dogs in the wild, the leader decides where to walk, for how long and whether they will return to the same place or find a new den to live in. All dogs that are successful in our training program work harder and are more content when they start their daily exercise with a structured walk. It is essential for our clients to maintain the continuity with structured walks after delivery. This establishes the client as the new handler/leader and their protection dog remains well balanced and content.

Your personal protection dog is an elite dog - dependable, highly skilled family bodyguard. They are intelligent, well mannered, sociable dogs that will love and protect your family. A protection dog will take a bullet for you in a heartbeat. Fortunately, most situations are infrequent because  dogs are an effective deterrent for potential attackers. Fun and completely predicable around you and your loved ones, a family protection dog becomes a fearsome warrior in a split second – on your command.

Only 1% of dogs have the genetic make-up necessary for this kind of work. German shepherds and Belgian Malinois are predominately the 2 breeds that excel in protection work. At CC Protection Dogs, we accept only the finest dogs. Many of our dogs are imported from Europe, where personal protection is a career.

Our dogs are trained to put their life on the line to save yours.

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