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Q&A with Perry Ahlgrimm, CEO of CC Protection Dogs

Candid Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What types of  Personal protection dogs do you sell?
    We deal with herding breeds, including German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois. Not only are these dogs superior when it comes to  protection work but they transfer handlers very easily and can handle extremes in temperature.
  2. Who are your typical clients?
    They come from a range of backgrounds but the majority are executives and leaders in industry. Many of the clients are people whose names you’d recognize. A lot are businessmen and women who travel frequently for their work and want to leave home making sure their family is secure. We have also had clients that have been victims of crime "and for some of them there is a continued threat. Lastly, we cater to businesses who need a guard dog to look after their property during after-hours".
  3. How do you know which dog is suitable for the client?
    The first thing we do is ask the client to fill out the customization form located on our website. The form is very extensive and gives us a good feel for why they are considering purchasing a  protection dog o. After in- depth further discussion, we match their needs to a specific dog. Most clients have at least ten different requirements that have to be fulfilled.
  4. How are your dogs with children and other animals?
    We have zero tolerance for aggression against children or other animals. We also have zero tolerance for food aggression. We screen all of our dogs very carefully for this.
  5. Are your dogs and puppies crate trained?
    Yes. All of the dogs and puppies from our facility are crate trained.
  6. How do you ship your dogs?
    We ship our dogs via United Airlines. Their cargo hold is climate controlled, which allows us to ship year round. They also have a large number of direct flights, which we strongly prefer. We have CCPD dogs in nearly all 50 states.
  7. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. We ship globally. We have quite a few clients in other countries. We have never had any issues with shipping our dogs to other nations.
  8. How long has CCPD been in business?
    We’ve been in business 15 years, which really isn’t that long in this industry.
  9. When a client purchases a  protection dog do they have to sign an agreement?
    Yes. We have a three-page purchase agreement.
  10. Do you only sell imports?
    No. We do have a network of breeders in Europe that we work with but more than 50% of the dogs we sell are born at our kennel.
  11. Do you sell training videos or books?
    No. Frankly, I’d rather be training my dogs than producing videos.
  12. Do your dogs shed a lot?
    In a four season climate, dogs lose or change their coat twice a year. It is best to brush the dog or take him or her to the groomer. Weekly brushing dramatically cuts down on hair shedding in the house. The German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois  breeds shed less than a typical cat.
  13. Do you offer training courses for dogs outside of your kennel?
    No. Only 1% of dogs have the genetics to do  protection work. We do not train dogs that haven’t been hand selected by us. We also do not offer classes on obedience.
  14. After purchasing a dog, do you come to our home or do we come to your kennel?
    Two trainers deliver all dogs to your home or business. Depending on whether it is an Executive Protection Dog or Elite Family Estate Protection Dog, we spend between 3 to 4 days. Home deliveries are more beneficial because training can be tailored around your home and yard situation. Any questions or concerns pertaining to your space can be addressed. We welcome clients who prefer to train at our facility.
  15. What equipment do I need to have ready when you arrive?
    We provide all of the leashes and collars needed. The crate the dog arrives in is also yours to keep. I suggest having food available- raw meat and some vegetables if you opt for the raw food diet, which we suggest- as well as a brush. Dog dishes are also recommended.
  16. Should we have dog toys?
    No. We do not suggest using toys with your protection dog. There are other ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated we'll" discuss this with you when we arrive.
  17. What is the typical day like for one of your dogs?
    What is the typical day like for one of your dogs? Our kennel is open 7 days a week. All dogs are taken out in the morning for at least an hour long run or hike. Cardio is essential. We also take our dogs into busy downtown settings where our dogs experience your typical and random urban maze of everyday sidewalk obstacles and pedestrian encounters. Our dogs learn to sit at corner traffic lights and learn to be alert and adaptive to vehicles, traffic and urban noise. We take them into general stores, coffee shops, and familiarize them with patio settings and other public access places as part of a structured walk. Daily exercises are based on a rotation system but we essentially never leave the property without taking at least one dog with us. Dogs practice agility, obedience, scent work or bite work every day. They are socialized on a daily basis with humans, especially children, and other dogs. Our healthy training methodology creates a dynamic of trust and loyalty that is then transferred to adoptive families.
  18. How will my dog behave around guests in my home?
    Our dogs are social and balanced. They are still guarded around strangers but not unpredictable in their behavior. The handler is the one in control.
  19. Is it going to be a problem taking the dog to the vet?
    No. When we take our dogs to the vet we try to make it as stress free as possible. Exerting a positive, assertive energy helps. Also, we introduce the dogs to all of the vet’s employees to make them as comfortable as possible.
  20. I travel a lot. Will my dog be okay on a plane or boat?
    Yes. Our K9 protection dogs have sound nerves. They are exposed to loud noises, including aircraft, boats and gunfire, before arriving at your home. If there is any specific concern regarding noise, please let us know and we will ensure that the dog delivered is conditioned to be tolerant. Travelling aboard a plane or boat is not a problem.
  21. Do I need to worry about hip dysplasia, common in German Shepherds?
    No. We offer the strongest guarantee in the industry. If it is determined by two veterinarians that one of our dogs has any genetic problems that would preclude it from doing its job or living an otherwise normal and healthy life, or in the case of hip and elbow evaluation, within two years as determined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), CCPD will replace the dog with another dog of equal or greater value.
  22. How much do I need to exercise my dog?
    Dogs need exercise as much as they need food and affection. I advocate a minimum of two 20 minute sessions per day. Family members should rotate the responsibility. Don’t worry about wearing out your dog(s). One of my clients is an avid hiker. She and her dog hike at least 25 miles per week.
  23. Do you offer any type of follow-up?
    Yes. We provide support for the lifetime of the dog. You are free to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyday of the year. We are also very responsive to email. I provide my private cell phone number to each of my clients.
  24. Do you sell titled dogs?
    From time to time we will sell titled dogs. If you desire a titled dog please let me know so we can discuss it. If we don’t have one, many of my close contacts in Europe have Shutzhund, K.N.P.V. and French Ring titled sporting dogs.
  25. Is it okay to board my dog when I travel?
    All of our dogs are social; boarding is not an issue. Ensure that you are using a great kennel, tour the facility and inquire if they exercise the dogs daily. Allow some time to formally introduce the dog to staff members.
  26. Will my dog ever need a refresher course?
    Yes, we offer refresher courses following the delivery.
  27. Do you offer puppies?
    We offer German Shepherd puppies, Belgian Malinois puppies.Our puppies are often reserved before they are born. We currently have an exceptional litter of Belgian Malinois.
  28. Do you offer anything other than personal protection dogs?
    We offer Executive Protection dogs. We also offer vet titled dogs for clients.
  29. What happens if I’m not happy with my dog?
    Not a problem. We really want you to be happy. If for any reason you are not completely happy, return the dog in the same condition the dog was delivered to you within 3 months of delivery and we will replace the dog with a dog of equal or greater value.
  30. Where do you sell most of your Dogs?
    Though we deliver our trained Executive, Elite Family Estate protection dogs to families and, executives anywhere, most of our dogs now live in California, Texas, Florida and North & South Carolina.

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