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Children and Protection Dogs

Family protection dogs, guard dogs for children

With out a doubt one of the most asked questions we get has to do with how protection dogs behave toward children. Without hesitation, the answer is “terrific”. Children and dogs have a fantastic connection with each other.

One of the most prominent differences between canines and wolves is that while wolves shun humans, dogs embrace them. This relationship is especially emphasized when one observes how dogs behave around children. Children are high energy, excitable and have a high-pitched, non-threatening voice. These qualities remind dogs of when they themselves where puppies, playing in the whelping box with their littermates. Thus, dogs rarely see children as threatening. The feeling the dog has is much like how most humans feel when they see a baby.

Dogs have such a strong desire to bond with children that they will not hesitate in situations where they otherwise would. For instance, dogs are naturally leery of new surfaces and may hesitate at first to step on asphalt or sand. However, if a child is in a sandbox, the puppy will step onto the sand without delay because the puppy’s desire to bond outweighs the risk of experiencing an unknown surface.

This relationship is highlighted every time we have a new litter. Our German Shepherd puppies, and our most recent litter of Belgian Malinois puppies start to socialize with children very soon after birth. The puppies love the interaction and are happy and exhausted once the children leave. These same feelings continue into adulthood and are part of the reason that protection dogs are excellent for families with children or for specific child protection work. In addition, since dogs do not view children as threats, you never have to worry about your Personal protection dog becoming defensive if your children are roughhousing or playing together.

We have zero tolerance for aggression toward children; none of the dogs we sell would ever feel defensive toward a child. Actually, their instinct to guard a child is higher than for an adult. This is why  trained family protection dogs are an excellent choice when considering security options for your family. CC Protection Dogs offers a popular child protection program. The second best thing to a mother’s protection, our dogs will safeguard your child in all situations. In the few instances were your child may be alone or you may be distracted, the child protection dog will be alert to any danger. If a predator or unknown person should attempt to touch or accost your child or children, the dog is trained to get in between them and bark in a threatening manner. In addition to other commands, our dogs are trained to assist in child rescue if there is ever a need.

Considering the security that trained dogs can and are eager to provide, it’s no wonder that dogs are called “man’s best friend”.

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