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Import German Shepherd Dogs

Trained German Shepherd Protection Dogs from CC Protection Dogs We at CC Protection Dogs only import and breed the best of the best German Shepherd dogs. It takes a very special dog with an extraordinary aptitude to do the true protection work that CC Protection Dogs are known for. Our dogs are all highly protective yet obedient, very loyal, affectionate, and good with children and pets. A properly bred and trained protection dog not only provides great peace of mind for you and your family but is a pleasure to own!

Trained German Shepherd Dogs

We at CC Protection Dogs feel that there are three things that make a good protection dog : genetics, environment and training.

German Shepherd Dogs For Sale

Inferior genetics and/or deficient training will unfortunately produce a dog that bites under stress. Also important, is the physical and mental environment provided for our puppies and adult dogs. Emphasis on a dog’s environment is considerably important since an atmosphere conducive to learning yields formidable, solid dogs. True protection dogs of the quality CC Protection Dogs is known for are the result of the attention paid to all three aspects.


The German Shepherd dog possesses superior working abilities that are directly related to the special traits of the breed; these traits include their natural guardian instinct, athleticism, temperament and loyalty. However, not all German Shepherd lines are equal in their potential to be trained as protection dogs.

The American Bloodline:

This type of German Shepherd does not follow the formal standards. They usually have thinner bones, narrow heads, softer ears,weak nerves and exaggerated angulations for conformation (show). They are not generally trained as protection dogs.

European Show line bloodline:

Show line German Shepherds are generally larger and usually black and red in color. While they are strikingly beautiful dogs, show line German Shepherds are usually too soft in temperament to make good protection dogs.

European Sporting line bloodline:

This line is significantly smaller than the European show line and are usually black and tan, sable, or solid black in color. They generally do not have strong nerves and will only do protection work in prey-meaning that they see protection as a game and not as a serious defensive measure. For this reason CC Protection Dogs does not train this line of dogs for personal protection work.

European Working line bloodline:

While this line is very similar in appearance to the sporting line they differ greatly in temperament. The European Working line possesses strong nerves and a pronounced aptitude for learning. When properly trained in defense they make outstanding true protection dogs. Discipline and structure is essential in their lives in order to maintain a good balance.

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